NET Retreat

We are excited to bring back the NET Missionaries to St. Malachy Church on May 3rd from 4:30pm to 8:30pm. This retreat is open to all middle- and high-schoolers! 

What is the NET Retreat?

NET Ministries is a Catholic nonprofit organization that challenges young Catholics to find and fall in love with Christ through a dynamic retreat. 

Each year, 150 young adults serve as NET Missionaries and bring the Gospel to young people. The missionaries attend an intense training program where they are taught how to strategically communicate a deeper understanding of their faith to those attending the retreats.

The missionaries are sent across the United States in 14 teams, where they reach out to 100,000 youth from September to May. 

This organization is funded on individual donations, donations from churches and foundations, and retreat fees from schools and church parishes. 

This retreat provides a memorable experience that is sure to bring middle- and high-schoolers closer to God through fellowship, prayer, and reflection!

Join us May 3rd from 4:30pm to 8:30pm to encounter Christ in a whole new way! 

The NET Retreat at St. Malachy is open to all middle- and high-schoolers (5th grade-12th grade) and will require the permission slip included below. 

Net Retreat Registration Form