What is faith formation?

A place for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade to explore the catholic faith

Family Faith Sharing Program

Kindergarten - 5th Grade Family Faith Sharing (FFS) Program

The program includes meeting once a month in person in the Currier Center, children will go to their class while the parents stay for enrichment and fellowship.  We meet on Wednesdays or Thursdays from 6:30 pm -7:30 pm. (This is the same program, just different days.)  

Our K-5 children with their parents will learn at home through the Gospel Weeklies program. Our curriculum is divided into 3 groups.  The curriculum changes every year to highlight Catholic teachings in the most current way (for example 2nd and 3rd grade Good News will not be the same content for 2nd and 3rd grade the next year).


Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Good News

2nd & 3rd Grade


4th & 5th Grade

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Middle School Program

6th Grade

Back to Basics
Our 6th graders begin their weekly programs with one that takes them back to the basics of Catholicism. What makes us Catholic? Why do we celebrate mass? What is the Eucharist? All of these questions and more are re-visited to further educate them on the Catholic Faith.
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7th Grade

Encounter the Bible
Our 7th graders spend the year in the program "Encounter the Bible", where they will engage with their peers and a series of videos to explore the Bible and learn how it plays an important role in the Catholic Church.
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8th Grade

Chosen Bible Study
and Confirmation Prep
In 8th grade, our teens will be partaking in the Chosen Bible Study, in addition to their standard confirmation prep courses.
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