Safe Environment

Here at St. Malachy, the safety of our parishioners is a great priority. In order to partake in any parish activities involving the youth, elderly, or disabled members of our church, volunteers and employees must take the proper steps. 

Background Checks

The Archdiocese mandates that criminal history background checks be conducted for all employees and volunteers
who may have unsupervised contact with a child, the elderly or persons with disabilities.

Criminal Background Check-Teens


Please complete the correct form of basic information about you, which assures the best possible program and safety for all.

Called To Serve

Teens participating in a service role as an employee or volunteer are obligated to take a Called to Serve workshop to equip them with the skills they need to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

This 3 hour workshop invites teens to explore the many dimensions of safety needed as employees and volunteers in parishes and schools as well as the greater

Called to Serve-Parent Permission

Archdiocesan policy requires all teens [grades 9-12] who work or volunteer in any capacity with children to participate in this workshop. Your teen(s) need a signed permission slip to participate in the workshop.


Before or after your first Protecting God’s Children session
(but not both), you will need to register with the VIRTUS

This is required of all participants. If you do not
have Internet access, and cannot temporarily gain Internet
access via school, university, library, work, home or other
means, please register with your Facilitator or your VIRTUS

Follow these instructions to register with VIRTUS:

VIRTUS Registration Instructions