Becoming Catholic

For Teens and Adults

Becoming Catholic for Teens

The process of initiation into the Catholic Community of Faith for children and teens (grades 9 -12), who were not baptized as infants or who are baptized but have not received the sacrament of Eucharist and/or Confirmation begins with a call, email or visit to the office of Christian Formation.

This process is open to both parishioners and non-parishioners who are in need of preparation for these sacraments, and for the reception into the Roman Catholic Church. Whether your family is just entering the church, returning from time away, or had previously decided to delay the child’s or teen’s sacramental preparation, or any other circumstances, ALL are welcome.

If you are interested in beginning the process, please contact the Faith Formation Office at (586) 264-1220 #4 or email

Becoming Catholic for Adults

The OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a process of initiation into the Catholic Community of Faith for persons who are experiencing a conversion in their lives and seeking either Christian baptism in the Catholic Church or full communion with the Catholic tradition of Eucharist and Confirmation.

It is a process which enables the study of the Gospels, Catholic christian teaching, the acceptance of christian values  and morality, the development and deepening of a life of prayer and action with the support and involvement of the local christian community. The OCIA process is more than a course of instruction. It is a process of conversion, designed to meet the unique and individual needs of the participants.

If you are interested in beginning the process of Inquiry to the Catholic faith or wish to consider giving the gift of your faith as a sponsor with an Inquirer, please contact the Faith Formation office.

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