Gordon Peck

Parish Coordinator for Evangelization

Gordon Peck is the Parish Coordinator for Evangelization. He was baptized as a baby but fell away from the faith during his formative years. In college, he met his wife who helped rekindle his faith. His family joined the St. Malachy Parish in 1993 so that their two children could participate in the Family Faith Formation program.  A few years later he was asked if he would like to teach catechism. This year is his 22nd consecutive year in that service. He has accomplished many exciting and impactful things to help the people of St. Malachy, including ALPHA, ALPHA for Youth, and other Evangelization programs both in-person and virtually.

“St. Malachy, as a parish, is a warm loving community. The congregation looks out for each other and assists when troubles arise. Members here always have a sense to just help, no questions asked, no answers needed. That is why I love this parish.”